What is an Internet Dialtone?

What is an Internet Dialtone?

When the telephone was invented, it created so many changes in the ways humans interact. It was the first technology that enabled humans to bridge distance among each other. When the Internet came, it has revolutionized the way we do things – not just how communication is done but also including the way people do business. Geographical boundaries have become a problem in the past.

Just imagine when these two monumental technologies are merged into one. Just imagine the power it could bring to the way people interact. Let us explore what is an internet dialtone or also commonly known as SIP Trunking.

How does it work?

SIP trunking or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) utilizes broadband Internet connection to provide virtual phone lines to an establishment. It is one of the protocols used in Voice Over Internet Protocol. However, because of its nature, it does not only allow voice communication and is not only limited to two parties. Rather, other means of multi-media communication such as tele conferencing, instant messaging, and other applications among more than two lines can also be possible.

What advantages does it bring?

Internet dialtone is a good business investment because it maximizes the best of two technologies. For one, it offers a very reliable telecommunication system considering that it uses an Internet broadband to connect communicating parties.

Second, it is also very cost-efficient because it allows businesses to reduce the money spent for telephone services. In telephone systems, different charges apply if one is calling locally and internationally. However, with Internet dialtone, said charging does not apply. Thus, there is no risk of shooting up communication cost when transacting with parties off-shore for a long period of time for a number of times.

Lastly, it offers different kinds of communication platform not limited to voice communication. Thus, companies can vary the way they conduct their meetings. And since it allows for multi-connections, monthly meetings can already be scheduled regularly among top management without them having to step out of their offices. This does not only save money, it also saves time and effort.

Is it readily available?

So long as there is an Internet connection and standard two-wire phone lines, this technology can be made available right away.

Is it affordable?

And, it is not at all expensive! Every investment requires anyone to spend. However, it is the quality of what is going to be spent on which will make the difference. Given the advantages that Interne dialtone can offer, it is not only affordable but can be a very practical and profitable investment.

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