What an Ultimate Website and CMS Package Should Have

What an Ultimate Website and CMS Package Should Have

Are you planning to get the ultimate website and CMS services but do not really know what it should contain? Here is a list to help you out.

Domain Registration – websites come with Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. These are the numerical codes that are assigned to specific devices in a computer network that uses an IP for communication. IP addresses identifies a certain network interface or used for local addressing. Registering a domain is necessary for all websites in order for these sites to be identified instead of using their IP addresses which are often long strings of number that are difficult to remember.

CMS Installation – the package should include installation of a content management system (CMS) in order for you to easily manage all the content that you upload. The CMS allows those people who do not have any background in visual design and coding to manage their websites efficiently.

WP Security Tools – most websites use Word Press. It is an open-source CMS that is free to install, deploy, upgrade, and customize. This feature in the package will be of great help for those who intend to use Word Press because it gives a layer of security against possible compromise such as hacking.

Mobile Device Version – a lot of people are already using their mobile phones to browse and transact online. Thus, your package should also include a mobile version so that your customers can also access your website and your services through their phones.

Back-up Routine – this feature is very ideal to ensure that all information and data in the website is backed-up in a physical or virtual storage system in case that the website gets compromised.

Advanced Editor – this allows for more customization in setting-up the website. If there are parts in the website that has to be enhanced, it would be easier to do so with this feature.

Social Media Integration – it is important for the website to be readily integrated in certain social media sites as these sites help in promotion and advertising.

Live Sales Chat – off-site customer support in real-time is always valued by customers, thus make sure that you have a live sales chat feature available.

Spam Blocking – this protects your website from receiving spams used for advertising. It readily blocks comments, emails, and other forms of spam without you having to delete them one by one.

E-commerce – if your business involves selling, make sure that it includes an e-commerce platform that can be easily customized to make online selling much easier.

Website Design – it should also include design features that complement in website promotion and sales such as sliding images, photo gallery, sidebar forms, contact forms, custom sidebars, site search, among others.

Search Engine Optimization – this will help in increasing your website’s presence and visibility. Websites need to be promoted so that your target audience would know that they exist. This is what SEO is best in. It offers strategies that help rank websites in search engines so that they could be easily seen by your target audience.

Support Services – these include hosting maintenance and support, security upgrades, service consultation, among others. All these to ensure that your website will always be online and when there are some issues that need to be resolved your provider will be able to help you out.

Now that you have these, then you are good to go. Just make sure that you get all these from a reliable provider.

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