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1. Which solution would you like to sign up for?

2. How many messages/month averages would you estimate your list has/will have? A message is one email to one person. Thus, if you have 100 subscribers and there are 5 postings to the list in a month, that is 500 messages/month. If your list is new or you are unsure, please give an estimate.

3. Is your organization or company and your use of this list non-profit (or not-for-profit)?

Yes, my organization is non-profit/not-for-profit.
No, my organization is commercial in nature.

4. What would you like the mailing address of your listserv to be? A list address cannot be longer than 22 characters and must be a valid email address. No generic names like "list" or "support", please. Please pick only ONE:

List Name
Example: mylist@lists.capalon.com

List Subdomain (Eg:lists.yourdomain.com) (optional)
Example: mylist@lists.mycompany.com
I know how to setup and configure the subdomain and MX record.
I need help setting up/configuring the subdomain and MX record.
Please Note: You will have to change the MX record (Mail eXchange) of the subdomain to point to our mailserver, 'mx.capalon.com'; therefore, no other email services should be on this subdomain.

5. What should be the "Administrator" email address for the listserv? This is the main controller of the list and you may change it at any time. You may also add Moderators to the list once you get it set up to help you with the running of the list:

6. What password should be set as the "Administrator" password?
You can change this at any time:

7. Would you like your list set as moderated when we construct it? Moderated lists require your approval of all postings before they get sent. This is a good option to turn on if you want an announce-only list (such as product or event announcements where subscribers cannot reply and comment). If you want a discussion list, you might want this on or off depending on how much you want to regulate the conversations. You can change this at any time through our web interface.
Yes - Moderation on, announce-only list or regulated discussions
No - Moderation off, free discussion-type lists

Contact Information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Company Name (opt):
Billing Address Line 1:
Billing Address Line 2:
State or Province:
ZIP Code/Postal Code:

Regarding Email Addresses: We highly recommend that you specify two email addresses that we can reach you through. Many times one address has gone bad for some reason and the secondary has been very helpful in reaching the customer.

Contact Email Address:
Secondary Email (opt):

Regarding Phone Numbers: Please make sure to specify daytime and nighttime phone numbers. Capalon only uses phone numbers in case of an emergency (such as an outage) and will not call them for billing or other "normal" events. We respect your privacy.

Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

Please click "Submit" and Capalon will contact you regarding the setup of your new mailing list hosting solution!


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