Email List Hosting (Listserves)

Mailing lists are a powerful way to control mass email communication to your current and potential clients, team members, organization, or group. Powerful listserve software on Capalon Technologies’ servers can output up to 20,000 emails an hour, making it easy to communicate in a fast and easy way with lots of people.

Capalon listserves feature no ads or added content, full control by the list administrator over format, moderation, and setup, and best of all, Capalon listserves are economical!Our listservs are configured entirely through a web-based interface that is controlled by you, the owner, or your designated moderators. You can moderate messages, subscribe and unsubscribe people, create filters for content, configure how the messages are archived, and much more!

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Benefits for List Members
Benefits for List Owners
  • Web-based archives that can be public or private and are sorted by Date, Thread, Author, or Subject
  • Digest or individual email configurations
  • Custom spam filters help control unwanted mail
  • Automatic virus scans catch viruses and prevent them from being transmitted to the list with the powerful ClamAV antivirus software
  • Each user on your list can have their own password and access to control their options
  • No added headers or footers, including unwanted ads or formatting.
  • Fast mail turn-around from posting.
  • 24/7 free support via email (6 to 8 hour average response time)
  • Full control over almost every aspect of your list
  • Customizeable headers, footers, and subject lines
  • Single or mass subscriptions and unsubscriptions (including uploading a text file of addresses)
  • Automated bounce handling and processing to make administration easier
  • Discussion list or announce-only list configurations available
  • Individual or entire list moderation for controlling postings
  • Open or approved subscriptions and unsubscriptions
  • Open or confirmed subscriptions
  • Auto-responder options
  • Content filtering lets you strip or allow HTML emails and strip or allow attachments
  • Topic handling to handle multiple topics in your list
  • Web-based moderation screens
  • Edit the end-user HTML and email messages all from the web interface
  • Attachments can be sent on your list as much as you like (subject to pricing — please inquire)

 All of this is included in the base price of your list!

Low Volume
(0 – 60,000 messages in a month)
$15/month per list
$6/month per list with 60% non-profit discount
High Volume
(more than 60,000 messages in a month)
$0.25/month per 1000 messages, priced per list
$0.10/month per 1000 messages with 60% non-profit discount
Dedicated Server
(more than 500,000 messages in a month)
Flat $150/month
Unlimited lists and messages
Requires a 1-year committment
Non-profit discount does not apply
Additional Charges and Discounts:
One-time Setup Fee
$15.00 per list
One-time $150 Setup Fee
Non-Profit/Not for Profit Customers
(the purpose of the list must be non-profit as well – no money-generating ads)
60% discount on monthly fees
No discounts available
4 or More Lists
(Commercial Customers only)
30% discount on all monthly list charges
For your convenience in comparison, we have provided some sample pricing schemes:
List Package Type of Organization List Members Postings Per Day Postings Per Month Messages Per Month Discount Price Per Month
Low Volume Non-Profit 150 3 90 13,500 60% $6.00
Low Volume Commercial 150 3 90 13,500 None $15.00
High Volume Non-Profit 700 8 240 168,000 60% $16.80
High Volume Commercial 700 8 240 168,000 None $42.00
Dedicated Either Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited None $150.00

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These conditions apply to every list:

  • Monthly volume is determined by multiplying the number of subscribers by the number of messages sent. (Example: 300 members, 20 postings in a month = 6,000 messages)
  • If you have an existing list, we will add the existing subscribers at no charge if you are able to provide a text file with all of the e-mail addresses in it. If you need assistance putting together this list, the list transfer fee will apply.
  • We require a three month committment but we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • These prices are for standard, text (ASCII and HTML) only lists. If you are distributing binary files through your list, please inquire for pricing. Generally, lists sending large attachments on a frequent basis will be charged slightly more for the cost of the transfer.
  • We DO NOT allow lists with the following attributes and/or content:We will assist you in learning to use the listserve administration system; however, you are responsible for maintaining the list. This includes handling subscriber issues, bounces, etc. Misconfigurations or other mistakes by you or one of the other administrators or moderators are the sole responsibility of the owner(s) of the list. Capalon disavows any and all responsibility for any damage or repercussions that your list may cause to your business or organization.
    • Pornographic of any type
    • Illegal activities (serialz, warez, other piracy, etc.)
    • Unwanted broadcasts (spam), including opt-out lists.

    Using your list for any of these activites will result in us reporting you to the proper authorities and taking all appropriate actions. Capalon maintains a very strong policy against unsolicited email. Your list must be opt-in only and members must be removed immediately upon them notifying you. We will usually NOT accept email lists where the addresses have been purchased for the sole purpose of mass mailing. Please inquire if your list is of this nature.

  • You have full control over the list. We do not place footers at the bottom of your list, or otherwise interfere with your list.
  • Most lists are setup and running within 24 hours of your request.
  • We consider any customer who has advertising on their list or any kind of corporate affiliation to be a for-profit customer, regardless of their legal status. All discounts are at the sole discretion of Capalon Communications management.

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