Internet Dialtone

If you already have a PBX and find that it meets your needs, BWTel’s Internet Dialtone brings the clarity of digital communications to your office, reduces telephony expenses, and leverages your existing equipment. This service, generically known as “SIP Trunking,” uses your broadband Internet connection to provide all-digital, virtual phone lines to your office.

Here’s how you save money with Capalon’s Internet Dialtone:

  • Uses your existing Internet line to provide Telephone Service as well
  • Establishes an all-digital voice connection direct to your office
  • Reduces costs for all calls — local, domestic, international and toll-free
  • Provides for unlimited calling between multiple work locations
  • Uses your existing phone system, telephones, and telephone numbers
We can provide this service even if your existing equipment does not provide for a SIP interface, as long as your office system uses standard two-wire phone lines (like the ones you use at home). So please fill out a quote request, or call us to learn more about this service.

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