Hosted PBX

Capalon Communications is your Hosted PBX specialist. While others may dazzle you with web interfaces showing off all the features they’ve thought of, we commit ourselves to customizing your PBX to include the features we haven’t thought of. If you need something done, you don’t have to do it yourself (although you always can) — you can call us and we’ll do it for you.

Why choose a Hosted PBX, or “PBX in the Cloud,” rather than a traditional in-office PBX?

Traditional vs. Hosted PBX Comparison

Large Up-Front Investment
Low Up-Front Investment
For Internal Use
For Local and Remote Workers
Requires Space & Power
No Footprint, Powered Remotely
Fixed Location
Moves With You
Must Fix / Replace
Fully Managed and Redundant
Requires Disaster Recovery Solution
Is Your Disaster Recovery Solution

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