Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring solution checks each monitored port or service every five minutes around the clock. If a service does not respond properly, it is then checked once per minute for the next two minutes. Should the failure persist, notifications are then immediately sent to you (and, in the case of managed servers, to a Capalon technician) so that the problem can be addressed.

Services to be monitored may include:

    •  ping (server alive)
    •  smtp (sending email)
    •  pop3 (receiving email)
    •  imap (receiving email)
    •  http (web sites)
    •  https (secure sites)
    •  ssh (secure access)
    •  ftp (file transfer)
    •  database
    •  disk space
    •  CPU temperature

Monitoring is provided with a $25 setup and $25 monthly charge for each port or service, or $99 setup and $99 monthly for a package of six ports or services.


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