Communications in the Fast Lane

Matthew is the office manager at a specialty provider of racing gear. Their focus is driver safety and excellent customer service – and telephone communication is the lifeline of their business. When they outgrew their dated telephone hardware, they knew it was time to switch to a hosted PBX.

“Historically we owned our own hardware, but watched as technology advanced so quickly that owning the hardware became more of a liability,” Matthew explained. “VoIP became attractive because we could add phones anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Furthermore, we liked the idea of having a managed system so we didn’t have to do much more than ‘set it and forget it.'”

In selecting a vendor for their new system, they sought out a company small enough to provide individual service, yet large enough to provide in-house expertise and support. “The larger providers were very inflexible with regards to equipment and included minutes. We found that most of the smaller local providers were reselling the larger products. The nod to Capalon came because the company was willing to provide an individualized plan with the equipment we wanted and bundled minutes, both toll and toll-free.”

When it came time to switch over, Capalon made the transfer “seamless – we installed the preconfigured phones and switches by plugging them into our computer network. The biggest delay was waiting for our old carrier to port the toll-free lines to Capalon.” In general, he finds working with a Communications Concierge much more convenient than trying to program the system on his own, and finds that when there’s a problem of some kind it’s often addressed immediately.

“I would recommend Capalon to a business looking for a VoIP solution that doesn’t require a large capital investment and is essentially ‘turnkey,'” Matthew concludes. “The personalized service is a big plus from Capalon – it allows us to convey urgency and fine tune our requests without the formality of a large Help Desk scenario.”

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