Business Continuity Planning means Peace of Mind

Business Continuity Planning means Peace of Mind

When local streets are impassable or the power fails, do you have a plan to stay in business? Can key individuals within your company work from alternate locations? While it is always more exciting to acquire new clients and grow your operation, it’s important to consider your business continuity plan *before* it is needed.

TNT: More than 2 feet of snow fell in parts of Massachusetts on Monday, breaking previous records — and the subway and rail systems in Boston are still recovering. The Mayor has asked people to work from home if at all possible.

If your company were called upon to work from home — could you? You should be ready before snowfall, hurricanes and tornadoes hit your area (or a construction worker digs up your power line or Internet cable). Today, it is easier than ever to implement a true continuity plan that keeps your business up and running, even if it’s impossible to reach or power your office.

Cloud-based solutions, such as an IP PBX and off-site storage of critical files, are key to any modern continuity plan. Provide an auto-attendant when a live person is not available to route calls, have calls forwarded to your cellphone when your desk extension is off-line, and make sure your important files are backed up to Google Drive (or another backup solution) — and you can get back to work, wherever you might be.

WHAT TO DO: Design, Implement and Test your continuity plan, now rather than later. And we’ll give you a free consultation to help you get started.

Design: What technology solutions do you need, that you don’t yet have? Replacing a dated, conventional phone system with an IP PBX not only provides critical backup capabilities, but often saves money as well. And if you aren’t backing up files to the cloud, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to start now.

Implement: Once you know what to do, put it into place, making sure that every key staff person knows how he or she can work from a remote location, ideally from home.

Test: After your plan is fully in place, have select individuals (or your entire company) work off-site for a day, to be sure you’ve covered everything properly.

As I said above, we will provide you with a free consultation, with advice, support and a quote for services. We look forward to helping you!

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