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Mobile Devices take the Internet

Mobile Devices take the Internet

TNT: Mobile devices are taking over the Net. By 2015, the majority of Internet use will be via a smartphone, tablet (iPads and similar) or other mobile device, rather than PCs. This projection comes from International Data Corporation, “the premier global provider of market intelligence… for the IT, telecommunications and consumer technology markets.” Even if the transition isn’t as fast as they expect, it’s clear that mobile units are the fastest-growing element of Internet use. WHY THIS MATTERS: Consider how your website appears to mobile device users. Sites designed for PCs are often clumsy and difficult to navigate on a phone. I’ve already seen a CMS (Content Management System) site design with three distinct views: for widescreen PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This sort of design flexibility should be part of your planning for the future — because it’s coming at us sooner than we thought. [We can, of course, help you with this — please let me know!] Also, take a careful look at your email. If you are sending HTML email, especially, be sure it’s readable on narrow screens. I’ve even seen text email that arrived formatted for wide PC screens, which looked quite unprofessional when displayed on the narrow screen of a smartphone. And, yes, I did this on purpose just to give you a visual of how terrible it looks! You don’t want your business communications looking like this on smartphones, and fortunately it’s easy to prevent. Wishing you a happy and profitable week,...

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