"The Difference is Us"

Phone and Web Services to Maximize Your Business

Phone Systems

How can a better phone system grow your business? We don’t just want to sell you a phone system, we want to help you improve responsiveness and professionalism, while cutting expenses.

Websites and CMS Packages

Using the latest design techniques and technologies, Capalon experts will help envision your dreams. Whether you simply need an online brochure, active content, e-commerce, or streaming video, Capalon can help.

Technical Services

Capalon provides hosting for web sites, mailing lists, dedicated and colocated servers in a leading data center, to combine maximum reliability with professional and personal service.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

I didn’t have to ask about services, he told me about them. Furthermore, there are no ‘hidden or add-on’ charges for the bells and whistle services… I strongly recommend VoIP Service, and HIGHLY recommend Capalon.
Ray Manfredi, Manfredi Insurance Services

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